About Dr Derek Farrell & Colloquy

Dr Derek Farrell is a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Worcester (UK), an EMDR Therapy Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant, a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and an Accredited Psychotherapist with the British Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP). He is currently President of the EMDR UK & Ireland Board, President of Trauma Aid Europe, Co-Vice President of EMDR Europe Board and Chair of the EMDR Europe Practice Committee. He is involved in a number of Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building programmes in Pakistan, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, Poland, Palestine and Iraq. His PhD in Psychology was researching survivor’s experiences of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy and consequently has written several publications on this subject matter. In 2013, Derek was the recipient of the ‘David Servan Schreiber Award’ for Outstanding Contribution to EMDR Therapy. In addition, Derek was also shortlisted for the prestigious Times Higher Education Supplement (TES) Awards (2017) for ‘International Impact’ due to his Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building work in Iraq with the Free Yezidi Foundation and the Jiyan Foundation for Torture and Human Rights.

Client Groups

Works with: Adolescents, Adults, Children


Private practice and direct client contact referrals taken. Home visits possible.


Adult Mental Health Care, Anger Issues, Anxiety/Panic, Chronic Pain/Pain Management, Complex Trauma, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, Eating Disorders/Weight Problems, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Occupational Issues, Performance Enhancement, Phobias, Physical Health Problems, Psychosis/Schizophrenia, Relationships , Self Harm, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Health Issues, Sleep Disorders, Somatoform Disorders/Hypochondriasis, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Sport Related Trauma

Psychological Therapies


Psychological Services

Psychological Treatment, Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision (EMDR & CBT), Accreditation Supervision (EMDR Europe & BABCP), Medico-legal Assessments, Court Reports, Trauma Therapy, Performance Enhancement

Expert Witness Services

Personal Injury (all types), Injury to Feelings, Effects of Clinical Negligence
Effects of Chronic Illness, Effects of Pain and Disability, Effects of Harassment, Occupational stress, Psychological Distress, Psychological Trauma, Bullying, Vicarious Trauma

Research Activity

Clergy Sexual Abuse, Bilateral Stimulation, Treating Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), Bullying


EMDR (EMDR Europe Training and Advanced Workshops/ CPD), CBT Interventions, Trauma Focused Psychological Interventions, Performance Enhancement, Psychological Interventions in Treating Phobias, Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Managing Anxiety Through Cardiac Coherence Training, Managing Stress in and Outside of the Workplace, Coping with Fear of Public Speaking, Maintaining a Healthy work/life Balance, Dealing with Sleep Problems and Insomnia, Managing Conflict Within Teams, Dealing with Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace.

Pro-bono Psychological Treatment

There may be the possibility of pro-bono psychological treatment (maximum 6 sessions) if it relates to a specific research project or teaching and learning however terms and conditions apply.