Psychological Assessment at Colloquy Bridgnorth Shropshire

Making a Decision to seek Psychological Therapy / Psychotherapy

If you have decided that therapy might be a way forward for you then the first step is to make contact either via email, telephone or through using the ‘Contacts’ page. This would then prompt an informal discussion either over the telephone, email or in person in you prefer, to enable me to get some information from you about the nature of the current experiences you may have so as to then consider if psychological treatment/psychotherapy would be an appropriate way forward. This also provides an opportunity to answer any queries or questions you may have about psychological treatment/psychotherapy so that you can make an informed choice about whether pursuing this option is:

  • At the right time for you
  • The right intervention
  • With the right person (being comfortable with the psychotherapist you are proposing to work with is extremely important)

If after this initial contact we both feel that an assessment appointment would be helpful then you will be invited to an appointment at your convenience at Lasyard House, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Assessment appointments are usually offered within approximately one week, and it is anticipated therapy should commence shortly afterwards.

So what is Involved in the Assessment ?

Assessment appointments typically last for 50 minutes. There are four main purposes of this assessment meeting:

1. To gain more information about the sorts of issues you’ve been experiencing, determine how long they have been causing problems for you and then to consider the ways in which they are affecting you.

2. To reach a firmer conclusion about whether or not psychological treatment/ psychotherapy is likely to be helpful to you and, if so, to provide you with some indication as to how many sessions are likely to be required.

3. To agree on some aims or goals for the psychological treatment/ psychotherapy.

4. To provide you with some information (in verbal and in written form) about your particular issues and about the possible treatment interventions that maybe used (CBT/EMDR).

Please note that it is generally preferable for the initial assessment appointment to be a face-to-face meeting, however in some instances telephone assessments can be arranged.